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About Me

We all dream of Greatness, but Greatness does not come to us but from within us.

Growing up has a child I faced many challenges, I was told at the age 11 in grade 5 by an Educational phycologist that I will never amount to anything and that I will be repeating the Grade. That I will never get to grade 10 yet alone finish school, all I will ever become is a Baker and If my Mum, wants she should rather encourage me to become a Baker as He does not see me becoming more than that due to my grades said Dr. Donald Junor. I was classified as a special need’s child.

I did not attend a special needs school as my Mum believed that I was not at all a special needs child.

This been said to me had destroyed the 11-year-old me, however growing up I did not allow it to affect who I become or allow someone to dictate to me about who I should become because of the slow learner they saw in me.

I was not stupid as they made me out to be. I knew that deep down I was destined for greatness. I had goals and aspirations just like any child would.

With the support and encouragement of my Mum, I have risen from that Negativity which has she helped me to believe in myself. All I needed was for someone to believe in me so that I could believe in myself and be that Rose I was meant to be.

After completing school with a bachelor pass, I then enrolled to study through the University of South Africa where I completed My Diploma in Human Recourses. While I was studying, I got my first job at a call centre which I was earning R3000 at the time. With my Mum being a single parent, I had to contribute in the house, pay for my own studies and save towards my dream of traveling.

A year later I decided to travel and went over to Holland as an Au pair as I had a deep passion for children.

1 year later I arrived back to Cape town and started working again, after a few months later I relocated to Johannesburg and a year prior to that I got married and had a baby.

My Son was two weeks old at the time and I remember sitting in the lounge, saying to my Husband, "What can I do, I am not working now and I still want to be home with the baby". He looked at me and said, "Well what are you good at?". My answer was, "Well I am good at Au pairing and know everything about it and now I am a parent so I know what a parent would want for their children". "My friend wants to get an Au pair so why don’t I start my own Au pair agency as its always in demand and I have my first client already".

The next day he registered my business and all I had was a small laptop and cell phone and 1 client.

I now have a very successful business with over 150 clients and employees. Well, that’s not it, I now have 6 other businesses that I am really passionate about.

Why have one business when you can have more like each of them equally make money but at different parts of the year.

Today I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Proud Ambassador of Nourish the Children, Motivational Speaker for ‘’ Be a Rose” Woman Empowerment’’,Life and Business Coach, Writer and not forgetting I have achieved everything they said I wouldn’t, With just a Matric and a diploma I am now a Successful 6 fiqure earner, though I admit it was not always an easy journey but what counts it that I never gave up even after what has been said.

I play an active role in helping the community as well as Charities. I help Woman who have been through the hardships of apartheid by assisting them in their dream of starting their own business and coaching them every step of the way so that they can reach financial freedom and become the independent woman they so desire.

Far too often we, Women criticize each other, pick on each other’s flaws, judge each other, gossip about each other and bring each other down. We allow ourselves to be labeled by our Financial, Economic and Social status. Yet we do nothing about it, we don’t stand up for ourselves or the women around us who are victims of this. Even when we know we are victims too or someone else’s victim. Yes, given, we are all different and unique but we all face similar challenges in life that we forget to realize that we are more powerful when we empower each other.

As a woman, I find fulfillment in encouraging, supporting and empowering other women by upliftment and guidance through their journey of achieving their goals. We are all in this journey called life together so why should we find room for jealousy and hatred.

I believe that no matter where one is in life, we must as women make it our priority not to judge but to uplift and empower the women around us. It may seem difficult but we need to change our mindset as it is our own mental attitude. Our thoughts can make a Heaven of hell or a Hell of Heaven if we choose. Our control is in our own minds.

It is better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back.

Many of us find ourselves in this type of situation, be it in a shopping mall, workplace, in our neighborhood and sometimes even with our own family and friends, who are indeed women too. They don’t smile back when we do.

We hold grudges and always find ways to label each other. We need to break out of this, let go and change our mindsets.

I know there is not going to be a world where there are all perfect empowering women out there, we don’t live in a perfect world either however we should stand up and be the change we wish to see in our world. We need to live by example. If some women don’t value you, then surround yourself with those who do. Those who empower you, that help you believe in yourself and aid them to believe in their own exceptional power and their incredible magic too.

I have a passion and burning desire to inspire and uplift those around me but I am sure you do too.

Always remember that confident women have no competition. Only you can create the life you want but do so by creating a heart inside that is beautiful, which will make you beautiful inside and out.

My advice to other start-up entrepreneurs or even successful entrepreneurs facing challenges, never allow anyone to bring you down. Believe in yourself as you know yourself and capabilities more than anyone does.

Find your passion, be curious about yourself, find your purpose and never allow anyone or anything to get the better of you.

I have created this platform, to assist you in achieving your dreams, desires and not forgetting to empower and uplift the amazing woman in you, to become the woman who acknowledges, empowers, nurtures and transform women. Don’t be the woman who looks for competition or who want to be a threat. Be an empowering woman that gives a helping hand and not a tripping foot and at the same time Independent and Successful!

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